Monday, 25 April 2011

Olympic Tickets Deadline

Its deadline day. Have you bought your tickets? Got your Visa card ready and placed your order?

What did you go for? Did you try and get the Usain Bolt 100m final? If so, how many people did the same thing? We reckon it will be millions, so the chance of getting that ticket is tiny.

But, if you tried to get tickets for early rounds of the Handball or Water Polo, we are pretty sure you will be lucky.

In fact most ball sports will have a good chance since the stadiums are large and there are plenty of rounds, so in the end there are plenty of tickets to be sold for those sports.

We cant wait to find out what the demand is for real, but today, sources at the Olympic organisers say that they have received millions of applications. Those insiders reckon that of course the high profile finals are over subscribed by millions.

So far not ant surprise, but what is interesting is that they also say that the cycling, and the diving are oversubscribed. Cycling is popular now since the last Olympics and the stadium only takes 3000, but Diving? That must be the Tom Daley effect.

We are sure that they will reach the 80% of tickets sold. What will be left are ball sports, and especially the football. Once the teams are known for those early rounds too, expect the rest to sell out too. We expect that there will be very few empty seats at any venues come 2012.

About the author: Connected is a sports fan, and a retailer of 12ft trampolines and wooden playhouses, and on Saturday applied for £3200 worth of tickets. He needs to keep the credit card empty come mid May.

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