Friday, 15 April 2011

Champions League Betting

We said that we thought Barcelona would win the Champions League, and still do, but the odds are poor, so look for value elsewhere.

So, before the quarter finals, we advised: Bet on Manchester Utd at 8/1. Looks good now, we hope you took plenty. Current odds are 5/2.

We also advised a punt on a Spanish team to win at 1/2. Given that the final will certainly have one, and they will be favourites, looks a good bet too.

By the way, Barcelona were 6/5 before the quarter finals, and you can still get that now. So, the lesson is, if the odds are too poor, walk away.

For the final now, we hope you are on Manchester Utd at 8/1. We are and that makes balancing or covering bets good value. So, we now fancy Real Madrid at 7/2. Get on that at 7/2 and Manchester at 8/1 and you could be  a guaranteed winner. If you are not on Manchester , then Real look the value bet to us anyway.

But, one word of warning, we are not professional betting advisers, In fact our little consortium of experts spend our days advising on sales of Above Ground Pools and Trampolines, so be warned and don't bet more than you can afford to lose.

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