Monday, 30 May 2011

Bet on Liverpool to win the premier League next year

When we bet we look for value.

Machester United are best price 15/8, but the team still needs a refresh and does he have the money to do it? Berbatov looks like he has gone. Owen and Hargreaves are out. Maybe Rooney will go and he will have 75m to spend and can get 3 or 4 fantastic players. But, anyway 15/8 looks clim to me.

Manchester City? Still too green for me. And Tevez is a problem.

Chelsea. Yes, but 11/4? Probably an ok bet. But is Torres still going to make it? If not they will waste alot of games trying to give hima chance.

I think Liverpool will have some money, but the two strikers look great and Gerrard should come back stornger next year. So at 12/1, I would put some big money on now.

An Amazing Cricket Day

What happened? Just when everyone except the England team, and presumably including the whole Sri Lanka team had decided the game had fizzled out to an boring draw, England go on a wicket fest and win the match.

How could it have happened? 900 runs already and the pitch looked tame enough to guarantee that this type of collapse could not happen.

So, what happened? Well, with only a few overs to bowl, the bowlers could really go for it, so that helped. And I have no doubt that the Sri Lankans were already mentally on the team bus and down the M4 to a swanky London hotel. And when it started, it was impossible to get the right mental attitude back.

It would be fascinating to hear from an insider about what went on inside the dressing room. Who was the catalyst? What exactly was said?

It was one of the most amazing days of cricket I've seen.

About the author: Connected is a massive sports fan, and is trying to turn the company he works for selling Rectangular Trampolines , amongst other toys and games in to a proper sports company, encouraging a move in to Sports Bras amongst other things.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Premier League Relegation battle

Who will go down?

The League position is:

15 Blackburn 37 7 7 5 22 16 3 3 12 21 41 -14 40
16 Wolverhampton 37 8 4 6 28 27 3 3 13 16 36 -19 40
17 Birmingham 37 6 8 5 19 22 2 7 9 17 34 -20 39

18 Blackpool 37 5 5 9 30 37 5 4 9 23 37 -21 39
19 Wigan 37 5 8 6 22 34 3 7 8 17 27 -22 39
20 West Ham 37 5 5 8 24 28 2 7 10 19 39 -24 33

So, in theory Blackpool need a point and hope Birmingham lose, and wigan dont win. But in actual fact, if they lose by one less than Binrmingham then Birnmingham go down.

It is so complicated. Its not just the points. But teams go move position based on goal difference by being beaten heavily with none of the teams winning.

The games are:

Man Utd v Blackpool, 16:00
Stoke v Wigan, 16:00
So in the best positon are wolves and blackburn. Where at least two point must be won. A draw leaves them both on 41 points, but if two of the other win that wont be enough. a win for either guarantees safety.
For the other 3, it will be a nervy day, but brilliant entertainment for the rest of us.
So what do we predict? Last day games where there is something at stake are ALWAYS unreliable. Form is no predictor. So expect the unexpected, and that gives good value on the odds.
I expect Wolves and Balackburn to draw.

I expect Blackpool to lose. I expect Birmingham to draw. And I expect Wigan to win, saving themselves at the last minute.

that collection results leaves West Ham bottom, Blackpool down on  39 points. And the remaining place to be Wolves down on 41 points.

I do expect the relegated team to be on more than the suppsed safety line of 40 points this year.

You can get 8/1 on Wolves to be relegated, so I think thats a great bet. Pile on. And I would also put some on wigan to stay up at 11/10.
What do you think?
About the author: He is a Businessman, not a professional gambler. this is fun, not advice. Please, join in and debate the subject and give your views, but remember the author works for a living selling Playhouses. If he was so good at gambling, then would he really be selling Playhouses and Rugby Balls?