Monday, 30 May 2011

An Amazing Cricket Day

What happened? Just when everyone except the England team, and presumably including the whole Sri Lanka team had decided the game had fizzled out to an boring draw, England go on a wicket fest and win the match.

How could it have happened? 900 runs already and the pitch looked tame enough to guarantee that this type of collapse could not happen.

So, what happened? Well, with only a few overs to bowl, the bowlers could really go for it, so that helped. And I have no doubt that the Sri Lankans were already mentally on the team bus and down the M4 to a swanky London hotel. And when it started, it was impossible to get the right mental attitude back.

It would be fascinating to hear from an insider about what went on inside the dressing room. Who was the catalyst? What exactly was said?

It was one of the most amazing days of cricket I've seen.

About the author: Connected is a massive sports fan, and is trying to turn the company he works for selling Rectangular Trampolines , amongst other toys and games in to a proper sports company, encouraging a move in to Sports Bras amongst other things.

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