Monday, 30 May 2011

Bet on Liverpool to win the premier League next year

When we bet we look for value.

Machester United are best price 15/8, but the team still needs a refresh and does he have the money to do it? Berbatov looks like he has gone. Owen and Hargreaves are out. Maybe Rooney will go and he will have 75m to spend and can get 3 or 4 fantastic players. But, anyway 15/8 looks clim to me.

Manchester City? Still too green for me. And Tevez is a problem.

Chelsea. Yes, but 11/4? Probably an ok bet. But is Torres still going to make it? If not they will waste alot of games trying to give hima chance.

I think Liverpool will have some money, but the two strikers look great and Gerrard should come back stornger next year. So at 12/1, I would put some big money on now.

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